This year has seen exciting trends in the world of hotel interior design, where innovation and creativity have become key words. Guest expectations have also evolved considerably over the years. Elements such as sustainability, technological advances and personalised experiences are now essential for them.

Below, the experts at Basic Collection have compiled the fascinating trends that are the hottest in hotel interior design in 2023.

Natural and Sustainable Materials

One of the most important trends in hotel design is sustainability and the use of natural materials. People are becoming more and more conscious of protecting our environment and this trend is also affecting interior design. Wood, bamboo, stone and other natural materials, such as recycled wood and organic textiles – these natural elements are often found in hotel interiors. These materials are not only environmentally friendly, but also create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, which makes guests feel more comfortable.

Eclectic Style and Uniqueness

The trend for eclectic style and uniqueness suggests that hotel interior design is not tied to one particular style or theme, but boldly combines different styles, textures and cultures. The designers of eclectic interiors often mix antique and modern elements, blend the art and style of different cultures, and experiment with colour and form.

This approach allows designers to create unique and personalised interiors that are not only aesthetically exciting but also tell a story. For example, in an eclectic hotel interior, a room might be inspired by a particular culture or art movement, giving guests the experience of a journey.

Unique Art Pieces

Unique art pieces and installations are becoming increasingly common in hotel interior design. These works of art are not only aesthetically appealing, but also tell stories and create ambience. They can be paintings, sculptures or even light installations that make a hotel interior unique and attract guests interested in art and culture.

Comfort and Focus on Experience

Modern travellers are looking not just for accommodation, but for an experience that is memorable and comfortable. Therefore, hotel interiors should not only be beautiful and fashionable, but also practical and guest-friendly. In guest rooms, for example, comfortable beds, high quality bed linen and pillows, and well-designed bathrooms all contribute to guest comfort.

And a focus on experience means that the hotel’s interior design creates experiences that make guests’ stay memorable. This could be a stunning view, unique art installations, themed restaurants or even wellness centres offering exclusive services.

These trends are all playing a key role and helping hotels to offer a unique and attractive experience to their guests. Sustainability, unique style, elegance, comfort and focus on experience are all elements that contribute to a memorable hotel experience.

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