If you say Zing Burger, we say modern sense of urban life: quality design combined with loft style. Vibrant patterns, a refined use of colors with a combination of the emblematic black and blue & natural raw materials - both for furniture and food. You can expect this when you visit the newest restaurant of Zing Burger in Buda, in one of the largest food yards in Etele Plaza. While furnishing the restaurant, we selected loft-style master pieces from Basic Collection to suit the costumer's image: natural wood and black design tables & chairs, which give the unique atmosphere of the restaurant.

Our aim was to offer a solution that suits the characteristic curved shape and open spaces of the mall: wooden design benches provide a more intimate atmosphere for friendly conversations, while tables and chairs next to the glass railing are more than eye catching with their sophisticated shapes. The restaurant’s interior creates an organic whole with the modern design of Etele Plaza thanks to the quality furniture of the Basic Collection.

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