ROOMS BSR co-work builds upon the aesthetic language established in ROOMS, with a strong emphasis on hospitality, exceptional design and uncompromising quality. However, ROOMS BSR takes it a step further by skilfully combining old and new elements. It features clean modern design infused with early 20th century style, creating a captivating juxtaposition throughout the space.

The concept is that each area within the project plays with different styles, finding the perfect balance between old and new. This deliberate combination generates an atmosphere or prestige and ease. The design incorporates a variety of textures and meticulous attention to detail, enchancing the overall visual appeal. Additionally, it draws inspiration from contemporary urban influences, adding a touch of dynamism to the composition.
The design of ROOMS BSR harmoniously blends old world charm with modern aesthetics. The skilful interplay of styles, the careful selection of textures and details, and the infusion of urban influences contribute to a captivating environment that exudes both sophistication and comfort.
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