Another CO-WORKING spaces

by Roy David Studio! The initial design challenge was creating a space that will be appealing to members looking for a cooperative and pleasant environment to work in, while at the same time providing them with a hotel experience.

Designer’s vision is to create a hybrid connection between the worlds of hospitality and office spaces in order to create a new and innovative type of experience. The space is divided into rooms containing 2-8 workstations and “suites”. The latter offers an open space containing private meeting rooms, a kitchen, and 10-20 portable workstations in each suite.

The programmatic design puts an emphasis on creating enveloping workspaces, while using the building’s core as an open space for public functions including meeting points and informal work areas. The residents of ROOMS have a range of work areas to choose from for different needs. If it’s an informal meeting in the lounge or to work diligently in the lobby or work in the private ROOMS when a in need of a quite workspace.

Rooms ensured a balance between the established hotel approach and the young and vibrate office world. This holistic approach is apparent in the space from the unique materials chosen for finishes, to the custom-made carpentry items and the different lighting fixtures. All are taken from the hotel world and walk the line between new and classic and balance the industrial choices that define the office design world.

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