The new office complex

of the start-up company JoyTunes, is spread over 5 floors in a unique building on the outskirts of the Montefiore neighborhood in Tel Aviv. The “Montefiore House” – was designed by architect Israel Godovich in the 1990s.

Each stage in the project planning was done out of respect for the building and the phenomenal architecture, which are emphasized by bright colors and clean lines.

The culture of the company, which is characterized by transparency, cooperation, and community, led to the demolition of all existing gypsum walls.

The center floor was designed as an open work area, while spaces that require privacy were located close to the back core, so in addition to the leveled architecture, there is eye contact between employees on each floor.
The main idea behind the design concept of the project was to create a PLAYGROUND for the company - an open and fertile work environment for employees of various disciplines in a dynamic work environment full of life and color that produces encounters and encourages creation and development.
The ground floor was designed as a promenade - an open public plaza with a tiled concert stage in the center - the beating heart of the project - which functions not only as a rehearsal stage but as a stage for events and multi-participant meetings. All around the stage are lounges and low seating, designed to be inviting for leisure seating.
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