Designing an additional floor for the algorithmic trading company “Istra” introduced us to a familiar challenge – a combination of new with the old, even in its most literal sense, but also in a deeper sense of touching the unique character of the organization. It is a company with a very family-like character, long-standing and with a relatively stable and conservative team, which operates in a technological field that flies forward at the speed of light.
Finding a balance between these two poles was our main task.
Among other things, we added wide public areas – a central cafeteria, a main meeting room, a stunning balcony and, of course, workspaces in the format of open staff rooms. An internal staircase was opened with a considerable investment between the two levels, with the aim of creating a more comfortable and natural flow of workers and visitors in the space. Repeated and dramatic colors alongside finishing materials with strong and interesting textures, the combination of dominant vegetation and the use of soft biomorphic lines completed an office with a special and pleasant character.

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