Grand Hotel Esztergom opened its gates in the summer of 2021 and surprised everyone with its virtuous architectural solutions and of course its luxurious interiors are completed with Basic Collection’s unique design products. If you want to catch the essence of the hotel with one word it would be ‘grandiose’, since its size and atmosphere: there are 8 floors, nearly 30,000 square meters of 149 rooms, suites and conference rooms, section rooms and an elegant restaurant with grill terrace. In addition to the superior rooms, luxurious suites have been developed on the upper floors as complete living spaces due to their size.

While furnishings the hotel we had to take in consider its unique and characteristic wavy shape which means that every room is unique. Interior of the grandiose hotel reflects both classical elegance and dynamism of the 21th century. Accessories and upholsteries are dominated by the elegant shades of gold and yellow, brown and beige creating an exclusive and refined composition. The designer plays as an artist with modern and classic elements: sometimes colors, another time shapes evoke the Baroque elegance.