The Fleischer is the "big brother" of the Két Szerecsen in Nagymező Street,

a sharing type bistro with a capacity of 45-seat. The restaurant used to be Fleischer’s shirt-making workshop, hence the name. The restobar is an alternative place in the bistro ring, where the bar function is as significant as the restaurant.
While the interior design of the Szerecsen is reminiscent of Paris, the Fleischer, just across the street, takes us to New York. The owners wanted to create a place that was a little different in style from the Két Szerecsen, and also suitable for festive occasions and gatherings. The small plates concept also helps this, as when the whole party tastes together, the meal becomes more enjoyable and the flavours can be more pronounced.

This experiential approach is also reflected in the design concept of the interior designers: to evoke the atmosphere of New York restaurants by exploiting the potential of the space. The light streaming in through the wide glass portals is counterpointed by the restaurant's black and dark grey wall surfaces and the dark materials used. Bistro tables and comfortable black chairs with wooden frame from the Basic Collection furnish the space. The restaurant's unique atmosphere is created by the deliberate use of cream and burgundy metro tile wall surfaces throughout, with large mirrors in front of them to expand the space. The lights are deliberately subdued warm-glow globe bulbs, subtly complementing and warming up the stylish interior.
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