Taking advantage of the special features of the building, the high ceilings, and the gallery, the designers have created an open, co-working-style office, furnished by Basic Collection.

The spacious office areas have been customized with unique interior design solutions for the different work functions, supporting an efficient workflow. Thanks to its diverse design, office spaces serve multiple functions and encourage interactivity among employees. The canteen is a community space and knowledge center as well, while the work café serves as a venue for lectures, and there are also spaces for privacy, such as meeting rooms and a focus room

The ground-level office has direct garden access and is furnished with natural materials, colors, and lots of plants, further enhancing the work experience. Basic Collection's modern, rounded, natural-color furniture: the coffee tables, upholstered armchairs, and lounge chairs, sofas, bar stools, and comfortable conference chairs fit perfectly into the inspirational office environment created by the designers. Furthermore, the acoustic panels provide great sound absorption and ensure full acoustic performance.
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