The owners and eponyms of DaRose

Soccer player David Alaba, who has joined Real Madrid and his singer sister Rose May Alaba have opened a restaurant in a new building in Vienna’s Austria Campus. The menu was developed by the restaurant’s co-owner, chef András Sebestyén, while the Socially team was responsible for the complete identity and interior design, with the help of interior designer András Ernst.

Their partner in the execution was Basic Collection, who has been helping HORECA, office and contract projects for more than 20 years worldwide with the distribution of design furniture and other services. Their aim is to make the premium feeling available to their clients, regardless of size and complexity.
The owners wanted to create a vibrant space in a sterile area, which would provide a very different stimulus/experience to the visitor. Part of the contract was to give the interior a visual representation of the gastronomic innovations of fusion cuisine, the Alaba siblings and the city of Vienna. The idea was that everything that András brought to the kitchen, the world of special fusions and textures, should also be represented in the image in a more abstract way. Thinking, for example of the wine sprinkles or colours and surfaces that we associate with the multi-faceted kitchen. All this was finally solved by creating montages that can be seen on the walls and menus.
“The experience of sitting in a place is complete when every impression you get in there has the same effect on you. We believe that every detail can move in the same direction when the design processes come together in one hand. That's why we especially like to be involved in concept creation from the very beginning. We look for typographic and graphic solutions that are then reflected in the space. Our goal is to create individual, authentic worlds that break us out of reality" - Eszter Csontos art director, one of the founders of Socially.”
The sculptural representation of the raw materials, the black and white portrait of the Alaba siblings and the baroque sculptures of Vienna form a harmonious whole in the interior. Eszter combined elements of montage with bohemian brushstrokes and the images on the walls were created on a concrete-effect base to enhance the overall effect.

Subtle similarities can also be caught, for example the round cut-outs in the menu boards were inspired by the lamps. But the most powerful elements of the space are clearly the photographs of David and Rose facing each other.

Photo: Csontos Eszter art director és Varga Sári, a Socially alapítója
Photographer: Cseh Sára Eszter
Source: Hype&Hyper
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