RDA was commissioned to design the new HQ of BST group, a leading construction, development and entrepreneurship organisation in Israel and abroad.

The project aims to reflect the identity of the BST Group. The familial ethics of the BST create a synergy that flows between the different departments and merges them into one unified group under the same rooftop.
The point of departure was creating an experience that mirrors the harmony within the construction process. This is developed through a system of closed and open spaces, separated by compositional leading lines creating a border.
The marking of spaces happens through visible powerful constructive elements, details and straight lines, as it creates a seamless connection between the different parts of the system. The space will include a refined and elegant use of raw materials, colours and textures. Inspired by the brutalist architecture.
Textures range from rough iron structural elements, concrete and glass, to soft warm and homey textures. The design will include spaces for informal meetings and lounge seating areas for a casual and warm gathering.
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