Lavinamix Ltd.

is a major player in the Hungarian road construction industry, but also has a prominent position in real estate development projects. Their head office is located in the Tópark Real Estate Complex at the junction of the M0-M1 motorway.

For the design of their new office, the company asked the Basic Collection team to create an exciting and inspiring space. The concept is based on the dynamic experience of space created by the variety of wide and narrow spaces. The client wanted a welcoming, family friendly office that uses many natural materials and colours, with furniture that represents design as well as comfort. The Basic Collection team put a lot of effort into finding the best atmosphere and design to meet the client's needs. This has led to the addition of furniture with more extreme shapes to the typical office style. Products from premium Italian, Spanish and Polish furniture manufacturers have been selected. The interior design was carried out by Viador Atrium Group, who took into account the different needs of each department to ensure that all employees feel really comfortable in the new office.

The choice of fabrics was not dominated by the usual neutral colour palette, but by a much brighter, more cheerful colour scheme, which resulted in a truly extravagant interior.
When designing the space, the main focus was on creating a combination of open office and traditional office space.

For the reception area, a very special collection was chosen, the Japanese-inspired Sancal Sumo, with its bright red lounge seating. As the name suggests, the designer has taken inspiration from the powerful silhouette of sumo wrestlers. The Spanish furniture company is famous for its unique design, with a strong emphasis on design.
For the meeting room, the choice was made for MDD's Ultra meeting chairs, which set a new comfort benchmark in the conference chair market with their refined lines and unique soft cushioned back. The mint-coloured upholstery further enhances the natural colour palette.
The community space is furnished with MDD furniture in mauve and blue. This manufacturer pays particular attention to the design of the furniture, which can also be paired with unique fabrics. This gives their products a warm, homely atmosphere.
Working together with Lavinamix, I was particularly impressed that they prioritised their employees' requests. Several female colleagues wanted a coffee corner where they could comfortably spend some time between meetings. Both relaxed and stylish, the Sits Moa armchair proved to be the perfect choice with its modern and playful look and its dimpled seating surface.

When choosing the perfect office swivel chair - one of the most important elements of the office - we have not only focused on ergonomics, but also on design. The MDD Ergonomic master office desk, container and Luxy Light chair represents all of this at the same time. The Luxy Light's support structure is a single tube that secures the upholstery without screws, giving it a unique feel.
The complex design process resulted in a truly fresh and modern office space, which has already been occupied by the company's employees.
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