Expert team of Basic Collection was once again able to take part in the birth of something truly new and large-scale.

This could not be described in a better way than with numbers: Etele Plaza is the third largest shopping and entertainment center in Hungary with its 55,000 square meters, adding colorful diversity to Újbuda.

The unique and special appearance of the building includes 180 stores on three levels. Take some modern and innovative architectural solutions, combine it with Basic Collection’s quality design and spice it with the creativity of our designer team. That’s the recipe of this complex furnishing project.
During Etele Plaza project we had to meet a variety of needs once designing the space, both in terms of function and visitors: in addition to fashion shops, a huge grocery store, a multiplex cinema and various leisure facilities await you. We have created an image that is both inviting, modern and friendly: refined basic colors were combined with playfully cheerful and sophisticatedly elegant colors, which break the monochrome dominance of the asphalt shades and black.
The spacious mall is filled not only with community areas that are suitable for a few minutes of rest, but also with welcoming sections that invite you to take a comfortable seat and relax a bit.
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