Design and innovation are the stylistic figures of this Spanish company since its birth in 1964. His exclusivity is reflected in the excellent names with which he has collaborated and still collaborates and which have given rise to timeless collections. The famous Vimini collection, for example, was born from the inspiration of Patricia Urquiola, Spanish architect, but has always been close to Italian design: here, in Italy, she has collaborated with important studios and won prestigious awards. By the London duo Doshi Levien (Jonathan Levien and Nipa Dosh) is the Cala collection, a mix of Indian and European culture, with a functional look at contemporary art. Bitta Lounge, on the other hand, is the result of the creativity of Rodolfo Dordoni, Italian designer of international openness, who needs no introduction. Founder of the studio of the same name, Dordoni collaborated with Kettal in the creation of a collection of garden furniture, iconic, timeless, with strong but clean lines and a high comfort given by the cushions and soft fabrics. Every Kettal furniture or complement is 100% recyclable and Perhutani certified. The constant search for quality not only concerns the raw materials used, such as wood and metal, but also paints used, of natural origin and non-polluting. By purchasing a Kettal product, the customer is aware that he is choosing furniture that supports the environment, and that then fits perfectly in the garden or in the open spaces of hotels, shops, offices.

Kettal produces mainly outdoor furniture and complements, also suitable for indoor environments, including armchairs, sofas, benches, chairs and everything that makes living spaces more comfortable. But not only that. Among its must-haves, in fact, there are also pavilions, an interesting and customized solution to divide open space or large rooms, offering everyone their privacy, aluminium office islands with lighting included that adapts to dynamic spaces that change shape to meet the needs of its occupants. The moving walls move, the acoustics are perfect, as is the lighting, and all the elements are available in a wide range of colours and materials, such as aluminium, wood, fabric and glass. Of course, the environments are designed to accommodate home automation integration and control everything through apps and ad hoc devices. Kettal also dedicates great care to accessories: cushions, carpets, lamps, poufs, umbrellas and many other exclusive pieces that complete the furnishings. Zig Zag, the porcelain floor lamp created by Emiliana Design Studio, is one of those original pieces that can offer an original and classy touch to any home, office or hotel. Small and powerful, these lamps can offer an evocative outdoor path, a bit like the torches, or they can be placed on a piece of furniture to be used in a more classic way. Their versatility and simple design make them perfect for any context. From the same studio is a really suggestive piece: the Zig Zag brazier. Original, in aluminium, this brazier is perfect to replace in the fireplace of the house, but it is really suggestive if placed outside, in the patio or in the veranda, because it is able to create that immediate feeling of conviviality that makes a house really hospitable and unique.
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