Rolf and Mette Hay

envisioned HAY in 2002. With its original furniture and accessory collections for domestic and contract use, the Danish brand quickly became an international leader in new Scandinavian design. Nordic design inspires HAY’s taste for clean lines, simple geometric shapes, and quality materials like wood, metal, and textiles. The company reinterprets tradition by calling upon international designers to work with them and developing new technologies and materials to guarantee innovative and surprising results. Passion is the engine that drives the brand – together with its renowned creatives and high-profile collaborators – to search for original solutions using advanced materials, methods, tools, and technologies.

HAY products – chairs, tables, sofas, bookcases, lamps, carpets - are all of the highest quality and intended for a broad audience. Carefully designed for everyday use and built to last with the least possible impact on our planet, HAY designs are contemporary and fashionable yet simple and essential. They can be used in modern or eclectic spaces adapting to different lifestyles and aesthetics. HAY's durable products quickly become parts of people's lives as objects of affection and everyday use. They are minimal but have great character thanks to the intelligent use of color, making each piece of furniture, every accessory, and all home textiles attractive and expressive, bringing added value to their owners' lives.
HAY's fundamental principles translate into form and color inspired by a perfect balance of art, architecture, and fashion. HAY imbues every project with a generous dose of artistic creativity, inspiration, and concept. Architecture offers the brand more direct and explicit indications regarding the physical contexts in which its furniture and accessories will be used. Fashion provides dynamic suggestions that respond perfectly to contemporary needs and tastes. For HAY, form and function are complementary, making every product beautiful and fashionable but also simple to use and comfortable.
HAY products for home, office, or contract use - like hotels and restaurants - are based on direct observation of contemporary life, where personal and professional space often overlaps. People are at the heart of the design of Hay furniture and objects, which are suitable for multiple uses and everyday situations. The recent New Order collection, designed by Stefan Diez, is a versatile series of modular furnishings, tables, and shelves for the kitchen, living room, or study - in private or public contexts. The About A collection by Hee Welling started with a chair and clearly demonstrates how a great idea can flexibly adapt to small domestic spaces, large conference rooms, bars, or restaurants. The collection's modularity and the easy way seats and legs can be combined make the company's strong commitment to sustainability tangible by optimizing production without sacrificing the possibility of infinite combinations.
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