The French brand

Fermob, producing outdoor furnishing is characterized by an unmistakable, joyful and colored style, with a strong vocation to eco-sustainable design. Its favorite materials are indeed steel and aluminum, recyclable for 98%, and that allow Fermob to play as an ambassador of the French atmospheres thanks to its convivial and creative language. The company has a remarkable experience in the production of metal furnishing, complements and accessories, expressely thought for the outdoor with a design that spreads happiness and the joie de vivre around the world. Fermob sees the external spaces as an extension of the indoor, like a window on the activities, be it private or public, happening inside a building or in a specific area; it plans and designs the spaces accordingly, without separating the indoor from the outdoor. Restaurants or cafe terraces, courtyards, balconies and even beaches and poolsides; Fermob project development office has the necessary competences to propose the entire furnishing, from tables to chairs, from sofas to lamps, all the way through furnishing complements.

Metal is still Fermob’s favorite material. Yet, the longing for renovation and innovation pushes the company to experiment with peculiar combinations even with other materials like Teck wood or technical fabrics, in any case materials that are adequate for the outdoor spaces. The outcome is not to obtain simple objects, but tables, chairs and lamps that bring joy, wellness and desire of life. This is achieved through the passionate use of color as a means to convey emotions. Everything leads to emotions, from color to the choice of a light design, from the plays of light to the reinterpretation of traditional pieces of furniture (like a bench or a chair) in a playful and ironic take, with an aim to rediscover the luxury of living outside. The Surprising Chair, for instance, features a thin and fine silhouette, essential and contemporary, the perfect synthesis of Fermob style. The light and time unbound design carries the signature of Harald Guggenbichler, who conceived a steel thread and plate structure available in a chromatic palette of 24 shades, stacking and compact; the ideal solutions for cheerful summer lunches or dinners in the garden or terrace.
Sixties, as the name suggests, is a tribute to the design of the ‘60s with its softer and more rounded lines. It is a collection by the French designer Frédéric Sofia made of aluminum and woven polymer, available in four color combinations which correspond to four lively interpretations of the outdoor living space. On the other hand, a creation of the designer Pagnon Pelhaître, Bellevie evokes the “beauty of life”; it is a table with a modern and attractive design, perfectly sized to accommodate 8 to 10 people, with a steel, electro-zinc coated surface and an aluminum base. It can be fixed on the floor which makes it also ideal for picnic areas in public parks and can be combined with the bench from the same collection.
In Fermob collection it is possible to take a bucolic breath, like the one of the ancient French gardens, through a design made of slender and winding lines, with modern and airy shapes enhanced by the use of metal. Folding or stacking chairs, small or generously-sized, colored, with a retro but always current style, set up charming corners on terraces and gardens, that give a nod to the tradition without ever being old-fashioned! Fermob history runs in parallel with the history of France, from the Bistro chair till the Luxembourg, driving inspiration from the French culture and tradition and particularly that of Paris. These are timeless models as witnessed by the fact that they have lived on unchanged in spite of the passing of tastes and fashions, without ever lagging behind. This is why Fermob is by right the ambassador of the French design in the world; it promotes the French style and culture, ever since appreciated and sought after. There are not many furniture pieces that can praise a steady position on the market with a design that has stayed unmodified from the initial project. One example are the chair and table from the Bistro collection which are still identical to the pieces produced in 1889, although looking at the details, each composing part has in fact been modified. The Montmartre collection is another example of elegance and resistance to bad weather conditions which has kept its bucolic charm over the years, recalling the jardins à la française, to enjoy delightful moments of relax indoor as outdoor.
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