Andreu World is a contemporary design furniture company for home, office, hotels, restaurants and corporate spaces, with more than 65 years of business experience, and we have grown convinced of our philosophy, a sum of love for detail, excellence and good design.

We are a family business faithful to the idea that to build the future we need to keep the past alive. Craft and tradition are concepts that remain alive in our day to day through personal bonding, accumulated experience and the commitment that our project evolves generation after generation

Wood is the origin of our company, and not as a single subject; but as a work attitude and a form of relationship with the world. At Andreu World we use 100% FSC-certified wood, from reforested forests. We manufacturer designs with great added value and durable, which our master upholsterers and woodworkers produce with passion and experience accumulated after centuries of tradition.

We offer practical and aesthetic furniture solutions demanded by people from all over the world, and this has been possible thanks to our flexibility and steadfastness. Flexibility regarding our adaptation to permanent change of needs and the continuous improvement of our work. And steadfastness for valuing and respecting the importance of craftsmanship in harmony with the advancement of technologies, preserving our Mediterranean character.

With a presence in more than 124 countries, today we are a leading company in internationalization of contemporary design furniture.

Design is our brand, which we promote through collaboration with prestigious designers that complement us with diverse visions, enrich our design style and require us to constantly improve in order to continue being a world reference. We have been distinguished with the National Design Award given in Palma de Mallorca by his Majesty the King of Spain in 2007.
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