Simplified from afar, detailed style up close with the Basic Collection furnitures!

What was the customer demand at Yama? What was the mandate for?

A restaurant based on Japanese cuisine, which can also satisfy the night bar function and parties.


How difficult was it to meet the challenge? How did you manage to display the character and style of a kitchen through the spaces and design elements?

We designed a place that is minimalist, simplified from a distance, but rich in detail up close. This is typical of Japanese interior design. Accordingly, the space was also simplified to the maximum and a simple, homogeneous grey rendering and complete concealment of the machines were used to bring out the beauty of the space we got.

When you design a restaurant or a bar, what is the workflow like, what are the key things to look out for?

The process is simple. Have a floor plan and engineering concept that is perfectly functioning. Build a design that reflects the style of the restaurant you want. Finally prepare a design document, in which, despite the difficulties, we stay on the track and don’t „pull the wheel aside”.

Design is not just about looks, functionality is just as important. What do you think a good guest space look like?

Where the experience is uninterrupted. The noise, wind and the sight of engineering is not disturbing, the furniture is comfortable and the ergonomics is good. This has now been perfectly achieved by working together with the Basic Collection. Both guests and staff feel comfortable. So function let design prevail and thus make a maximum contribution to the guest experience.


Is this style close to you? What was the challenge in this project?

I like to desing Asian places. It happened that we have been commissioned to do three in the last year. Tokyo was the first, Yama was the second and now we’re working on a third place based on Japanese cuisine. The challenge is to make these places very „Japanese”, yet very different.


What was the main aspect in choosing furniture?

Choosing pieces that harmonize with the design. Minimal from distance, detailed up close and ergonomic.


You have been working with Basic Collection for years now. What is it like to work together?

For 15 years. Our first collaboration was Symbol in 2007. I don’t think I need to say any more than that.

Photo:  Akos Bara , Bara Design Studio and Nora Koczka , Basic Collection Kft. managing director


Which places, restaurants are you most proud of?

I’m always proud of what I’m currently working on. But when I look back, it’s not the design that I appreciate, it’s the fact that our places go well and the owners are happily running them and making money. In other words, the things that life truly proves you right.



Interview: Octogon Deco 2022/1.

Photo: Végel Dániel

More images:  click here

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