In the 10th Annual Office of the Year competition, the jury of independent experts selected the best in 12 categories from 175 entries. The Corporate Office of the Year 2019 title was awarded to TransferWise, which we, as an office furniture provider, are also very proud of at Basic Collection!

We asked Adrienn Kenyeres, the Office Manager at TransferWise about the evolving of the award-winning office!

What was the challenge in designing the Transferwise office, what was the concept?

Our company is a dynamically developing startup that is revolutionizing the financial world. The interior design concept embodies our dynamism and innovative spirit. Our workplace culture, methods, and processes have been an inspiring challenge during its development. In order to create an international atmosphere, the workplace has been divided into continents, where, in addition to the employees, visitors can also enjoy the journey, between spaces with various functions. The most challenging was to create an office with a motivating force that is unique in today’s competitive job market, yet carries our corporate “identity marks” while inspiring our employees.

What solution followed the challenge, what did the designers and Basic Collection offer?

I believe that thanks to the DVM Group-based research and expertise of interior designers Bea Knerczer and Anett Fürnstáhl, they have been able to create a customized, unique design concept to which the beautiful furniture of the Basic Collection perfectly matched. When designing recreational spaces a special aspect was that we did not want to see the usual formal office furniture in the public space, but ergonomic and at the same time comfortable design furniture.

What did the end result look like through the eyes of office users?

Based on the feedback from our employees and the people who visited us, I feel we have achieved our goal. Based on the feedbacks, the unique furniture and accessories are the ones that catch the eyes for the first time for everyone. Additionally, we have managed to create an office space that follows labor market changes and is inspiring, as well as supporting the well-being of our employees in their daily lives.

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