The ultimate definer of Mediterranean flair, terracotta gives a timeless, stylish look to outdoor arrangements. The world’s leading design furniture manufacturers are keen to use it and make pieces that will become the defining focal point of the outdoor space. With our latest selection, you’ll be captivated by this vibrant shade.



The new DRESS_CODE armchair is inspired by the canons of haute couture, playing with the combinations of colours between structure and seat, with the indoor and outdoor fabrics patterns, and with their upholstery: in addition to the smooth and flat fabric version, there is a quilted version in big squares, and a padded, wave-shaped version. The quilting and padding are both an aesthetic element and a source of greater comfort.

Globe / B&T Design

Meet Globe! Easily adapting to each space with its design that allows for colour, texture and material plays, it turns into one of the leading actors of customized, simple and contemporary spaces.

Emma Cross / Varaschin


EMMA CROSS takes itself into a new stylistic direction, picking up the details that distinguish EMMA and thus creating a “Fil Rouge” between the collections. The distinct feature of the EMMA CROSS is the fabric woven ribbon with a central detailed embroidery, the lightness of the weave itself makes one feel enveloped in a corolla of flowers or a fine shirt collar.

Talo / Expormim

Inspired by the wildest rocky landscapes, Talo tables travel between the pure lines of geometrical shapes and a colour palette of extremely natural shades, such as stone, slate and terracotta.

Rock / MDF Italia


The iconic table, with its fluid and elegant silhouette, completely reveals the nature of what it represents: “a round table” that seems to float above a solid, inorganic base. A mixture of natural and industrial materials that are blended to create a new product with a smooth design.

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