timeless design, Mediterranean soul - exciting parade of colors, shapes and materials

Whether it’s a restaurant garden, an outdoor office seating area, or a few square meters terrace, design is by no means a negligible factor.

The latest spring 2022 outdoor furniture trend is full of exciting surprises with a Mediterranean feel!

Popular pastels

The cheerful pastel colors are clearly the harbingers of spring. This is the best choice if you are looking for a more distinctive solution from white and beige. Scab’s latest design, the SI-SI BARCODE steel garden chair is a striking piece with a combination of several textures. Even with its restrained, pastel blue shade, it evokes an extremely pronounced, clearly Mediterranean athmosphere.

outdoor furniture trend 2022 spring Basic collection

Delicate outdoor furniture with a brilliant twist

The sinuous, curving lines are often imperfect, just like nature itself. The iSimar BOLONIA series is designed for those who prefer functionality and a modern look. Due to its simple handling and durability, galvanized steel is an ideal choice for outdoor use.

Exquisite elegance and refined minimalism

Sophisticated compositional solutions have been the dominant trend in contemporary interior design for many years.  Ethimo Calipso, an immersive collection by an Italian architect and designer, Ilaria Marelli, does not only meet the flexible needs of private homes but also the expectations of elegant hotels. The Ethimo Calipso outdoor sofa with its discreet aluminum frame, natural teak slats and minimalist fabric nearly blurs the boundaries between interior and exterior.

Combining different styles: robust with graceful, modern with classic

The rule is that there is no rule: combining different styles is absolutely permissible. Retro style wrapped in a new robe is experiencing a renaissance in the spring of 2022. The Ethimo VENEXIA outdoor couch evokes the functional elegance and natural charm of the urban interior design of the twentieth century. It has a delicate, yet at the same time, robust appearance. The memorable Ethimo VENEXIA series, designed by Luca Nichetto, in addition to being made from recycled materials, also keeps practicality in mind. The pieces are fully waterproof and have soft, durable outdoor upholstery.

About the designer

Luca Nichetto.outdoor furniture trend 2022 spring Basic collection

Luca Nichetto was born in 1976 in the picturesque, vibrant and incredibly inspiring city of Venice. He started his professional career in 1999: he designed his first wonderful Murano glass collection for Salviati. Later, as the artistic director of major international design brands, he gained extensive professional knowledge, in-depth experience and a reputation in the industry. Today he cooperates with world-renowned Italian and international companies such as Bosa,  Casamania,  Ceramiche Refin, the Emmegi, or the Established & Sons.

Outdoor furniture trends spring 2022 – there is something new under the sun

Patio umbrellas are indispensable accessories of terraces, gardens and resorts. The collection of Kettal Meteo  in addition to providing protection from strong sunlight, uses the potential of modern design ingeniously and creatively. Equipped with practical wheels, the Kettal METEO L concrete soleplate is not only durable and weatherproof, but also perfectly harmonizes with the modern, square-shaped umbrellas of the designer Konstantin Grcic.  Natural wood elements beautifully counteract the brittleness of concrete.

outdoor furniture trend 2022 spring Basic collection

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