10 popular solutions and concepts

The interior of offices plays an increasingly important role. A pleasant, well-executed design has been proven to contribute to efficiency, the right mood, and concentration. These spaces no longer only serve the function of having a place to sit in the morning. They mean much more.

We have compiled an inspiration list. We like every solution for its own sake. The function is different, the users are different, and the central idea behind them is different, yet you can draw great ideas and solutions from them!

One space design

Unity is strength. It’s one of the most popular concepts in recent years for a few reasons. Open-plan offices promote team collaboration and provide a healthier environment. Thanks to the natural light and airflow, it’s a comfortable place even for 8-10 hours. As a designer, open space gives endless possibilities. For example, divide it into smaller sections and mix styles and moods.

Industrial luxury environment.

The industrial style fits perfectly into the open office concept, and it is characterized by the use of unplastered surfaces, worn materials, and bold and rusty furniture. At the same time, the industrial atmosphere should radiate a stylish appearance. (Photos: Rooms Ra’anana project)

Sustainable design.

Sustainability is a primary consideration. For a few years now, collective awareness of sustainability has been growing. Greater emphasis is placed on it even on the design table. With this mentality and forward-thinking attitude, designers try to help users’ everyday lives. They offer solutions that simplify processes and enable recycling. This requires the conscious use of materials, preference for fair producers, and out-of-the-box thinking. (Photos: Artlist office project)

Bring in nature.

Plants. Plants everywhere. A few years ago, indoor plants evoking and the retro “grandmother’s living room” atmosphere came back into fashion. And it seems that it will remain for a while, in fact, they are an increasingly integral part of office design.

Different combinations of plants can create a completely different atmosphere, but the point is how positively the proximity of the environment affects us. They help to exchange the air in the office and exude freshness at all times of the day. (Photos: Atera project)

Dynamic & Flexible Spaces.

Adapted to needs. One of the most exciting ways to use modern spaces is to design them along the lines of functionality. Everyone and every work process have its requirements; in a group, in peace, separately or on a bean bag, in comfort, or at a meeting table. Such flexible spaces can be easily transformed and can be used multifunctionally. The needs are at the center to ensure the greatest peace for the efficient execution of the work. Anyone can change places and environments at any time, which inspires and motivates people. (Photos: Riskfield project)

Movable furniture. As you like it.

Similar to the previous example, movable and transformable furniture, chairs, and walls are becoming more common. This solution also provides comfort and leaves the freedom to design and use the space for the individual.

Comfort & ergonomy.

Because it does matter where you sit. Anyone who has ever been to an office may have wondered how a person can work 8-10 hours hunched over in a chair. It is quite difficult without harming health, which is why employers and designers also place great emphasis on the purchase and design of comfortable and ergonomic equipment. Proper sitting helps concentration and plays a big role in preventing various back pains and circulatory disorders. (Photo: Playstudios project)



Community spaces.

Shared experiences and relaxation. Community spaces play a huge role in the development of company culture. With the employees having the opportunity to retreat, to create a private or friendly sphere helps their health and their relationship with each other to develop in a positive direction. It can be a comfortably designed cafe, a playroom, a lounge, or even a balcony or a roof terrace. The important thing is that everyone feels this place to themselves and almost like home. Where peace and friends welcome you. (Photo: BST prject)

Entertainment & leisure zones

The beneficial effects of the game. The provision of entertainment opportunities follows directly from the concept of public spaces. Where you “don’t have to behave”, you can let off steam and spend some time having fun. The atmosphere of the working environment can be dramatically improved by this solution. It also promotes employee satisfaction. This space can be a game room, sports room, music room, or even a relaxation booth. (Photos: Atera, Rooms, Artlist projects)

Home-like atmosphere.

Home Sweet Home. Today, we can almost forget the classic offices, where tables, chairs, computers, and coffee machines await the workers there. Space and opportunities have opened up, and employers are increasingly trying to provide employees with the comfort and feeling of home. This helps balance, and calmness and strengthens trust.

Color trends.

Stay “dusty”. Much has been said about design, function, and style, so now it’s worth mentioning next year’s colors. Based on previous years, it is certain that calm, natural, and soft shades will remain. White-beige-grey-greige line will be in the top selection.

In addition to the light shades, “classic blue”, “aquamarine blue”, “dusty green”, “neo-mint” and “warm peach” also appear. Along these lines, we can use darker and lighter shades, but it is important to stay on the “dusty”, slightly worn, natural palette. (Photo: Snappy and Joy Tunes office projects.)

Private box

The private sphere is necessary. In the case of open offices, it is extremely important to have private spaces where you can make phone calls or talk in small groups. It is essential that the workers there do not feel the frustration of the “crowd”, that they have the opportunity to be by themselves, to work alone if they need to. These boxes are increasingly common solutions for this, which, although open, still separate the space enough to provide a comfortable and pleasant location for such needs. (Photos: Iron Source and Joy Tunes projects)

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