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design exhibition took place again between 24-28. March in Paris and its motto is „New Luxury”! Our lead designer colleague Luca Urmai represented our company to bring you the latest trends from France!

We asked Luca:

How did you like the exhibition, what was your impression? Could you visit it in one day?

It was my first time at this exhibition (only the Salone del Mobile in Milan was a must for me), but I was very positively disappointed.

In the pavilions, which were divided into different categories, I met many exciting manufacturers and came away with a lot of inspiration.

If you’re interested in the world of interior design, furniture and art, I would definitely recommend 2 days for the exhibition.

I spent two full days there and on the third day I ended up ‘wandering’ there instead of sightseeing. I was sure that I would still find treasures that I might have missed in the hustle and bustle of the first two days. And so I did 😊

Close to the nature!

What trends and novelties have you come across?

In recent years I have noticed that more and more people are reaching back to natural materials and rustic forms.

Personally, I’m very happy about it, because it’s always been one of my personal favourites. What can make an interior even more exciting is to mix these puritan pieces with elegant or industrial-style furniture.

I can’t leave without saying that today accessories are playing an increasingly important role in an interior and this exhibition reflected that. I saw some very exciting objects, whether it was a ‘simple’ pot or my personal favourite, books, which can also be the jewels of a living room.


Exciting accessories

Decoration with Books

Inspirational lights


Natural materials

Which was your favourite piece?

It’s a difficult question to answer. Each of the products featured in this blog has touched me for some reason. It was also a difficult for me to choose which ones to show here, as there were so many exciting things to see.

Luca's favorite pieces

Everydays in Paris

Have you been to Paris before?

I’ve never been to Paris before, but I’ll definitely be back. The purpose of my current trip was, of course, the exhibition, so I only saw a small slice of the city, choosing to wander around in the evenings rather than relax.

One thing’s for sure, a tiny slice of this city is not enough.

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