Summer trends and natural solutions

We keep an eye on trends constantly. Summer is always special. Light, breezy, cool, and sometimes puritanical in a good sense, natural materials, solutions, and compositions come to the fore. This year’s feature is that the dividing line between outdoor furniture and indoor space is increasingly blurred, so what used to function classically in the living space can now become part of the garden.

The KETTAL Plumon collection, created by Patricia Urquiola with the inspiration of the Brazilian way of life, is a perfect example of the outdoor use of design furniture with an indoor effect.

Patricia Urquiola’s works never scream her signature, but at the same time, they radiate quality, love of life, and dedication with which they were made. Patricia has already designed for many prominent clients, including the biggest ones, such as Cassina, Moroso, B&B Italia, Alessi, and Gan. And now Kettal is also on this prominent list.

The unique feature of the collection is that the outdoor sofas and chairs have a light structure and, at the same time, a particularly heavily padded seating surface, which can be put up and taken down with the help of hooks.


Tribú also offers a choice for lovers of classic lines, so we must also talk about the BRANCH Lounger sunbeds. Thanks to their chic, natural and comfortable design, they captivate anyone.

The changes in the function and design of garden furniture are demonstrated by these simple Tribú poufs as well. With their help, the terrace and the living room become almost one. And it gives the user the same comfort and peace of mind.

Tribú Nomad Garden poufs


We must mention this season’s outstanding collection for us, which is guaranteed to create an intimate and magical atmosphere in any corner of the garden; the Tribú Monsieur Tricot standing lamps. With their warm, silky light, they are the perfect addition to the garden composition.


Adequate ventilation is essential in the summer heat. And this can be done uniquely and extremely, just like the ETHIMO Rafael outdoor wooden chair with armrests.

The use of materials and design echoes the signs of nature. On the seating surface, there is a mesh solution. It is similar to the roots of trees, and the use of earth colors, which have not been mentioned so far but are advantageous.

The shadow of the light filtering through the backrest lends the space an exciting pattern, making it an exciting choice for restaurant tables with a simpler design and appearance.


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