Restaurant interior design plays a key role in shaping the guest experience. Restaurant designers and interior architects are constantly looking for innovative solutions and new directions to charm and impress guests. Below, we have gathered the 5 latest trends that are most likely to be present in restaurant interior design in 2023.

1. Sustainability and natural materials

The principles of reducing the ecological footprint and sustainability are also reflected in the interior design of a restaurant. New trends include an ever growing emphasis on eco-friendly materials such as recycled wood, bamboo and organic textiles. The use of natural light and the creation of spaces with green plants are also important aspects of restaurant interiors.

2. Eclectic style and bold colours

The eclectic style is becoming more and more popular in the design of catering spaces. Bold colours, such as bright yellow, pink or blue, give a new boost to the interior and create an exciting atmosphere. Interesting combinations and the use of unusual furniture give guests a unique and memorable visual experience.

3. Vintage and retro touches

Vintage and retro style can create a special experience in restaurants. Furniture, decor and colours that evoke the spirit of the old days are back in fashion. Such interior design gives a restaurant a unique character.

4. Urban jungle

The urban jungle trend is becoming more common in restaurant interiors. Green plants and natural elements such as wood and stone play an important role in the interior. In implementing this design, restaurants are creating a connection with nature that offers a refreshing and relaxing experience for their guests.

5. Premium comfort

In interior design, restaurants are focusing more and more on premium comfort and service. Comfortable seating, soft cushions and quality fabrics create a sense of luxury. Guests appreciate both the sophisticated service and the elegant restaurant décor, which together guarantee an exclusive experience.

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