A key part of a truly memorable restaurant experience is the environment in which guests eat their meals. Whether it’s a light brunch or a six-course dinner, the restaurant’s interior sets the mood for the whole dining experience. Here are 10 restaurant interior design tips and inspirations that will give your place an ambience that will impress guests and entice them to return.

1. Warm welcome

The first impression is more important than anything else: the restaurant should look its best from the moment you enter, be inviting, aesthetically pleasing and reflect the restaurant’s mood, character and values. The spaces and seating areas for guests waiting for a table give a pleasant feeling of welcome.

Gerbeaud house

2. Choosing a theme

The interior design of a restaurant needs to be memorable (in a good way), so choosing the theme of the decor is crucial. You don’t want to confuse your guests with too many different styles and visual clutter. The space needs to reflect a definite theme in its entirety.


3. Emphasising the community experience

As guests, restaurant lunches and dinners are a great opportunity to meet new people, make new connections and share special memories. This can be encouraged by an arrangement that allows guests to sit in larger groups at a few long tables.

Kempinski Hotel Bahía Estepona

4. Minimalist ambience

Less is more, as the saying goes. Many modern restaurant interiors are minimalist in style, with lots of light spaces and few colours. There’s no need to overcomplicate things, the clean, uncluttered spaces allow guests to concentrate on the food.

MAZI Greek Restaurant

5. Salute to the classics

You can never go wrong with vintage, retro and classic restaurant interiors. Just don’t go overboard. Mix old and new by incorporating design elements that echo the past.

Marty’s Kitchen & Bar, 2019

6. Beyond the standard seating

It can happen that we get so busy picking the perfect wall colour and the best lighting that we forget about seating. Well-chosen, stylish and comfortable booths, tables and chairs add a lot to the restaurant experience.


7. Make the terrace inviting

An outdoor oasis will always be the preferred choice for guests. That’s why it’s essential to pay as much attention to the design of the terrace as to the interior of the restaurant.


8. Open spaces

Nowadays in the world of restaurants, overcrowded dining spaces are no longer popular. Modern restaurant interiors keep the space open. Combine this with minimalism and, if possible, install large windows and let the natural environment do the work for you.

Dereszla Bistro

9. The bar in focus

If the kitchen is the heart of the restaurant, the bar is where the cocktail magic happens. Draw attention to the bar with eye-catching lighting and bright colours. Or take it one step further and set up the full bar in the centre of the restaurant.

Mercure Debrecen

10. Reference to the location

Using colours and styles that reference the tiny corner of the world where the restaurant is located is one of the most popular design solutions because it can do wonders for creating atmosphere.

Kempinski Hotel Bahía Estepona

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